Readings and Courses in MInd & Body Balance

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Natural Mind and Body provides learning techniques to live a more balanced lifestyle with an overall understanding of the ancient beliefs and philosophies that have driven cultures across the globe over time. We will dive deeper into the roots of the philosophies that have proven to be of benefit for the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of humans for centuries.

We will provide insight into various cultures and the teachings that have come out of them and at times, we compare and contrast the similarities and differences in their teachings. The overall outlook on these ancient methods and traditional teachings provide wisdom and internal healing techniques that balance the mind and body with the natural world. With the changing seasons and the added the years, our lives take on a lot of changes.

Staying balanced through the natural changes of life can be challenging but can also be aided by the founded principles of ancient techniques that have been proven over centuries to have a positive impact on daily living.

We will offer different courses with teachings from various cultures and allow the student to learn what is most intriguing and beneficial to them individually. We will offer the readers an opportunity to follow along a path toward living healthier lives daily and provide wisdom tips for a more balanced life: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The days of modern western based medicine and physical therapies alone are fading into the sunset. With each new day, practitioners are adding an integrative approach to their practices at a growing rate that combines the ancient techniques and approaches with proven success.

At Natural Mind and Body, we aim to provide the tools and knowledge of the ancient eastern philosophies with courses and readings on physical exercises such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong, and mental exercises such as Mindfulness, Mantra Meditation, Breathing Mediation, and Walking Meditation to provide a compilation of methods and lifestyle techniques for a healthier more balanced life.

Spiritually, we all may have a different perspective of how we are connected to the divine or the universe. However, within each system of belief and practice lies similarities and the connectedness we seek comes from within. With a balance of mental and physical exercise, we believe there is an opening of the doors to the other side. We aim to find that balance through the exercises we teach and allow each individual an open door to propel in their personal connections with a positive spirituality.

Life and its meaning is often the unknown that we, as people, seek to find. Through the teachings of natural mind and body, we do not give a preference to one belief system over another, but rather approach the relationships we have with the same universal force that we all share wanting everyone to feel more in touch with themselves and their spirituality through the practice of mind and body balance. First comes the natural balance of mind and body and through the open doors it initiates, the spiritual sense shall present itself to each as their own and from within. – Namaste