Ancient Wisdom

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Knowledge that stood the test of time

When we take the time to understand ancient cultures and philosophies that had a rather significant influence on human civilization, we find them to be entwined and in synchronicity with the natural elements of the world. These elements are also found as far out as the milky way and therefore, they were in sync with the universe. Going back as far as we can trace, we find records and information that was captured and passed on for millenniums and they still exist with knowledge of great value that someone wanted to pass along.

As we learn more about the universal touchpoints across many ancient civilizations, we find a common theme and pattern that we want to investigate further. The intrigue draws us in and the depth of wisdom that can be discovered through our desire to learn more. It is intriguing and enlightening to some degree just to see the intelligence of man from such a long time ago. There is much respect and dedication that goes into the learning the material but the subject matter is a magnet for attention and therefore, it comes naturally and without much effort.

As we evolve into the beings that we are and inhabit the planet that we live on, we become more entwined with the world as we know it. We seek information and relay information at a fast pace in modern times. And all of this information may seem overwhelming and we need a filter to obtain the best and most useful information. But in the archives of civilization is where we will find the most knowledge and obtain the greatest wisdom.

Learning from the great philosophers of all time

As we embark along this journey, we will cross paths with many of the greats and their stories. We will discuss their significance and influence on others. The evolution of knowledge continues through many centuries and through cultures from all over the globe. We learn more and more questions will arise. We are on the path of learning together and within ourselves drawing conclusions, taking direction and identifying our place in what we perceive. This path is one that each individual that we discuss along the way also was on at the time of their lives in which they also sought after more knowledge and wisdom.

The great philosophers of all time were many and plentiful with knowledge. There are far too many to list and to begin, one would have a hard time ending. Therefore, we will introduce each along the way as their thoughts and influential teachings support the topic we are focusing on at the time. We will build out an index and categories for each individual to have options to change course and wander the path in a labyrinth style with flexible curriculum and courses for each individual to choose their final destination.

In this way, we mirror the teaching and learning style of a civilized group of like minded thinkers, open to learning and seeking the wisdom of the great philosophers. That is how one would study in the days of the classic philosophical movements throughout time and all over the world. The best comes with an understanding of the likeness between many of the movements in terms of narrowing down what mattered most. There are common threads and interesting similarities and we aim to achieve an overall understanding of the various movements, how some influence the other and how universal thought can be with its various nuances.